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3 Tricky Photo Locations | Boston Family Photographer

“Where should we shoot?”It’s a question that pops up in my inbox from recently-booked clients pretty often. I’ve seen a lot of blog posts about favorite locations for sessions from other photographers, but thissss Boston family photographer is here to tell you about the 3 tricky photo locations that she actively tries to avoid, ha….

Juggling it All- Mom, Teacher and Boston Family Photographer

Over the last two years, I’ve been asked almost weekly how I balance parenting with two jobs. In the last week alone, I’ve received two DMs on Instagram from other photog-moms asking me this question, too. Ironically, I started writing this blog post about juggling it all as a mom, teacher and Boston family photographer…

Boston Family Photographers | 3 Things You May Not Know

On the outside, the lives of Boston family photographers might look pretty glamourous. I mean, we get to travel around to beautiful locations in the area and we have great seasonal variety. After our sessions, we get home, upload the photos, edit the best ones, and bam, done! Right? Not so fast. There’s a lot…