The Amazing Community of Boston Family Photographers

If you’ve ever searched Boston family photographers on Google or on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that there’s no shortage of us. Maybe you’ve wondered if we all know each other, or if we keep a good distance from one another. After all, we’re all competitors! The truth is, many of us not only know each other, but actually have friendly, mutually-beneficial relationships. Today, I thought I’d pop on to talk about 5 ways we help each other, both personally and professionally.

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Location- Sharing

As an on-location photographer based 20-minutes outside of Boston, I have a handful of tried and true places where I love to go for sessions. Sometimes though, I venture a little outside of my usual radius. When I need to find a location in an unfamiliar town, I definitely hit up my photog friends for advice! This September, I went down to the South Shore for a session at Webb State Memorial Park. I never would have known about this spot, but one of my photographer friends told me about it. Before I even got to shoot there, I then suggested it to another photographer friend, and it became her go-to spot in that area. Having two friends confirm it was a good spot made me feel comfortable shooting there, even though I didn’t have the chance to check it out myself first.

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This isn’t something I do often, but once in a while it’s really helpful. If I’m feeling a little unsure about a gallery (either because the lighting was tough, the toddlers were tough, or maybe the client seemed a little worried about their session), I’ll share it with a photographer friend first. I trust that I’ll get an honest opinion about whether or not I should delete some photos, add a few more, tweak an edit, etc. It’s really great for peace of mind on the rare occasion that I’m feeling a bit apprehensive about my final product.

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I always joke that I’m the best kind of photographer friend to have because I can be found on Google (which means I get a lot of inquiries), but I don’t take a lot of sessions. Therefore, I’m CONSTANTLY referring my photographer friends ;). Plenty have referred me too, so it’s definitely a two-way street, and I’m so thankful for this relationship.

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We Cheer Each Other On

I’m honestly always so impressed and excited when my photographer friends get recognized for their talents. Sometimes, it’s just as exciting as your own work receiving recognition. Last year a whole bunch of Boston photographers submitted photos in the annual Shoot and Share photo contest. When the final results were released, I was just as interested to see how my friends did as I was to see how I did. As a whole, Boston did really well, and I was so proud :).

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The Struggle is Real

There’s really no one who understands the struggles of simultaneously parenting and running a small business, other than fellow parents/small business owners. Being able to talk about that work/life balance with fellow momtogs has been enormously helpful. Sometimes, simply venting is all I need. Other times, I’m in search of some good time-saving strategies, and I can always count on my photog mom friends to give me some.


I truly am so thankful for the relationships I have built within the local photography community. If you had asked me during my first or second year in business if I ever thought I’d befriend other Boston family photographers, I probably would have laughed. But now, just about 6 years into this crazy journey, I wholeheartedly endorse “Community Over Competition.” 🙂



Oh hey! I’m Melissa, a Boston family & newborn photographer, but I like to refer to myself as a toddler-whispering, child-taming, photographic ninja.