family of 3 snuggles on their front stoop in Boston with their newborn baby and pup

The Challenges of Being a Boston Newborn Photographer

As a Boston newborn photographer, there are a lot of logistics to consider when you have a session scheduled in the city. How much earlier will you have to leave the house to find parking? Will you even be able to find parking? Are there any major events going on near the session location?

On the day of baby J’s newborn session, I thought I had considered all logistics. I had done my research and figured out I’d likely be able to find metered parking on the street. Pro tip: Check out Spot Hero for city parking. What I hadn’t considered, however, was that their apartment was right by TD Garden and there was a game going on at the time of our session. This resulted in a very stressed out photographer who was trying to get to her session on time without hitting any pedestrians, or without paying an arm and a leg for parking in a garage.

family of 3 snuggles on their front stoop in Boston with their newborn baby and pup

I managed to find a parking spot one street over from my client’s apartment. AND I even parallel parked into the tiny space without causing any damage to my car or anyone else’s, HA! By the time I arrived at my session, I was only 10 minutes late, phew. I instantly forgot about my parking troubles when I saw this sweet baby girl and her AMAZING head of hair. Check out all of the sweetness for yourself <3.

Melissa Rabbitt is a Boston newborn photographer who has been in business for 5+ years. She believes in following baby’s lead during sessions, resulting in authentic images. Get in touch here to learn more.



Oh hey! I’m Melissa, a Boston family & newborn photographer, but I like to refer to myself as a toddler-whispering, child-taming, photographic ninja.