Are We a Good Fit? | Family Photographer in Boston

So you’re searching for a family photographer in Boston and you stumble across my website. My work resonates and you reach out. Our availability lines up, the price point works for your budget, and you’re ready to book! There’s nothing more to it, right? Well, not so fast. Since I take on such a limited number of clients, it’s really important to me that we are a great fit. If I feel that we aren’t, no problem at all. I’ll give you a list of talented photographers in the Boston area who I think could better suit your needs. So what makes us a good fit? These are the things I’m looking for in the families I work with.

Traditional Portraits Are Not Your Goal

At each of my family sessions, I take a few “everyone looking at the camera shots,” but not many at all. I know that moms often want a handful, or at the very least grandparents do, so I do make a little time for it. However, the vast majority of our session will be spent playing and snuggling. My ideal clients want photos that are full of emotion and joy, and look more “natural” than your standard traditional portrait.


You Are Laidback

You might be scrolling through my galleries and thinking, “wow, all of these toddlers look so well-behaved!” Well here’s a little secret- I’ve never photographed a toddler who listened perfectly 100% of the time. They all fall somewhere on the challenging-to-photograph spectrum, ranging from somewhat challenging to extremely challenging, ha. But here’s the thing, my camera is fast and can rapid fire. I actually just bought a new camera that is even faster and more accurate with its auto-focus (this means even more images for you!). However, the vibe of a session can change reallllly fast the moment parents become stressed by their toddler’s obstinance or excess energy. I promise, alllll toddlers are tough in some way and I can handle it ;). The best thing you can do is roll with the punches and keep your expectations realistic.


You’re Flexible

This one is definitely related to the last one, but I’m also referring to flexibility regarding time and location of your session. A lot of times, particularly in the spring, my clients and I will wait until just a day or two before or session to settle on a location. This is because many families are after spring blooms, and flowers are sooooo fickle (though this spring they’ve really stuck around for a LONG time!). I also don’t like to set a starting time in stone since weather can change at the last minute, and if it suddenly is looking like it’ll be an overcast day, I’ll want to start earlier.


You’re Not Afraid To Get a Little Messy

With all of the playing, running, and sitting in grass (or on old stone walls) we do, it’s not uncommon to end up leaving your session a little dirtier than you came. Or at least, your kiddos will often leave dirtier! I always say, “if we leave dirty, we did it right!” I’m usually a total mess by the end of sessions because I’m often belly down in the dirt, ha. Sometimes I might even encourage your family to splash in a stream or a puddle toward the end of the session. If you’re worried about a little dirt or grass stain, we might not be the best fit and I’m happy to recommend someone with a more formal approach.

If you’re in search of a family photographer in Boston, you’ll discover that the options are limitless. There’s a sea of talent out there, and it’s important to find someone whose work not only resonates with you, but whose personality and approach feels like a good fit, too. That person may be me, or it may not, and that’s okay! Regardless, I’m always happy to help you find just the right person for you!


Oh hey! I’m Melissa, a Boston family & newborn photographer, but I like to refer to myself as a toddler-whispering, child-taming, photographic ninja.