What to Wear to Your Spring Photo Session in Boston

“What should we wear to our session?” As a Boston family photographer, this is a question I get pretty often. And even when I’m not asked, I always offer some basic tips since I love to help clients plan their wardrobe. Being a professional photographer, I know what works, what doesn’t work, and that what works in one season in Massachusetts very likely doesn’t work in the next. So for spring, my advice is going to be different than it is in the fall and winter. Here’s what you need to know to plan your family’s spring photo session wardrobe!

Think About Blossoms!

In each season, the locations I suggest to my clients for our sessions vary a lot. I know the landscape of the greater Boston area extremely well and make suggestions based on what looks best at various times of year. The places I suggest in the spring are pretty different from places I suggest in the fall, and rightfully so! So what am I looking for in April and May? Simple. Flowering trees! And what color are flowering trees? Pink and white! Soooo, your wardrobe should complement that! Now, that absolutely positively does NOT mean you need to come dressed in pink, BUT, you *should* consider a lighter/softer palette. This includes variations of white such as ivory, cream, and oatmeal, and other neutrals like light gray and beige. Of course, a pastel palette works, too. Mauve and blush are colors I absolutely love in the spring. I do, however, suggest avoiding pastel/light green, as spring grass is veryyyyyy GREEN, and we don’t need any more of that in our photos ;).


Plan for Any Temperature

Most seasons in New England are fairly unpredictable, but spring really seems to take the cake, and April is particularly fickle. While I think April blooms TOTALLY make it worth dealing with unpredictable temperatures, spring clients should put a little extra thought into their clothing. This doesn’t mean you have to have a plan A and a plan B wardrobe (Please don’t do that! That sounds expensive!), but it *does* mean you should consider a layered option for everyone (or at least the kids!) that can easily come off or be left at home if it ends up being warm. This family did just that for their baby girl. In some photos, we took her little coat off, and in others, it was the perfect (warm and cozy) add-on! Her tall socks were also the picture-perfect accessory that helped keep her little legs warm on this chilly 50-degree day. I’m a huge fan of socks like these for family photo sessions!


Do I Have to Wear a Dress?

In all seasons, there’s a lot to love about wearing a dress for family photos. For starters, long, flowy dresses look flattering on most body types from all angles, but there are also practical reasons to consider one. In the photo below, you’ll see mom is actually holding her dress in one hand, which can look more natural than just letting one’s arm hang. I like to say that long dresses can give your hand “a job.”  They’re also best for seated photos, and for windy days, eeeep! There’s nothing worse than a good ol’ gust of wind coming on an early spring day and lifting that dress right up, ha!

But do you *have* to wear one? No! At the end of the day, I want everyone to feel good about what they’re wearing, and I want clients to feel like themselves. I’ve worn dresses to my own family’s photo sessions, but I looove long dresses and wear them all the time from May-September. It feels natural to me and I feel my best in a dress! Below are a few images from another spring family session that I absolutely loved, and there was no dress involved ;). You will notice that this family also chose a light color palette, included tall socks for their baby girl :), and incorporated some texture, too!

Now that you have some idea about what to wear, you might be wondering *where* to shop. I have so many favorite places that I suggest to clients, but one of my all-time favorites for moms is Baltic Born. For the kids, try Zara, H & M Kids, Jamie Kay, or Rylee & CruBut also don’t rule out Target (Particularly for boys. I love all their henleys!), Amazon for more affordable knock-offs of Jamie Kay type clothing, and Etsy! This list is just a starting point and I have a lot more that I love to recommend to clients, so if you have an upcoming session, please don’t hesitate to ask for planning help!


Oh hey! I’m Melissa, a Boston family & newborn photographer, but I like to refer to myself as a toddler-whispering, child-taming, photographic ninja.