mom and dad to be wear hunter boots while posing with baby hunter boots

When Lifelong Friendships Make for Beautiful Photos!

Here’s the thing about going to an all-women’s college- it kind of sucks at first, because when you’re 18 or 19 and you’re straight and there are no boys in sight, well, that’s not ideal. But thennnn as time goes by you realize that not having the male species around is actually way more of a blessing than it is a curse. For starters, our dorms were CLEAN. I also thoroughly enjoyed that I could roll out of bed and go to class in my pjs and not give a crappppp about what I looked like because there was no one to try to impress. Finally, and most importantly, without the distraction of dudes, there was nothing to focus on but school, ponies (if you were on the Equestrian team like I was), and friendships that would last well beyond college.

What does any of that have to do with this post? Well, a lot, because I met Kelly (this gorgeous mom-to-be) my sophomore year. We went to Mount Holyoke out in western Massachusetts and were both on the riding team, and we officially met while painting a fence together for a team fundraiser.

What Mount Holyoke lacked in men, it made up for by having the country’s most amazing intercollegiate riding coach (shoutout to CJ Law!), campus beauty, and the best damn lifelong friendships that anyone could ask for. We’re all still super tight, and fortunately many of us live very close (and one Moho from our crew is moving back to Boston in just a few days, yipeeeeeee!). I loveee that I get to capture important milestones for my college friends, and Kelly’s maternity session was one of the highlights of the year for me photography-wise. I mean, just look at her dress and that light. The fact that Greyson’s future pal, Hunter, is growing in that belly just made it even better! In the words of our riding coach, I know they’ll be #friendsforlife. <3

mom and dad to be wear hunter boots while posing with baby hunter boots


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