Are digital files included in your packages?
YES! I try to make everything as simple as possible.

Do you offer print products?
I do! Though you have the right to print through a vendor of your choice, my lab offers beautiful, high-quality, professional prints at reasonable prices.

Do you travel outside the Boston area?
I try to limit my travel within 25 miles of 02453. I occasionally travel during the summer months or when I am on school vacation. Travel fees apply.

Do you use props?
Nope! I bring a couple of blankets to outdoor sessions, and some swaddles, hats and headbands to my newborn sessions, but that’s it. Props just don’t make my photographer heart tick, and if you’re looking for that style, I’m probably not the best photographer for you. However, I’m happy to give you a referral because there are certainly many photographers who use props beautifully.

Do you shoot weddings or events?
I have decided that children’s portraits are really what I want to be focusing my business on, and I’d rather be a master of one than a jack-of-all trades :). I occasionally book small-scale events such as birthday parties and baby showers but am no longer booking weddings.

Where and when do you do most of your portrait shoots?
I prefer to shoot outdoors about an hour or two before sunset. Most of the photos you’ll see in my galleries were taken during “the golden hour”, the hour that precedes sunset and brings gorgeous, soft, golden light to your images. Because I am based out of Watertown and many of my clients are from this area, the majority of my shoots take place at parks and reservations in the Watertown/Waltham/Belmont area. However, I love shaking things up and shooting at new places, so if you have a particular location in mind, I’d love to hear it!

How far in advance do you book?
Weekend sessions are generally booked a few weeks in advance between the months of May and November, but it never hurts to reach out to see what I have for availability!

Do I own my images?
You have the right to post and print as many copies of your photos as you’d like, but you cannot apply filters or edit them (beyond cropping for print). I also reserve the rights to publish them for business purposes.

Do you edit all of your work?
Yes! First I weed through your photos and eliminate the not-so-great. Then I carefully edit each and every remaining photo. I play with color, exposure, sharpness, and I generally try to give each photo a subtle film-like feel. Some images will also be converted to black and white. In-depth re-touching such as skin smoothing, wrinkle removal, hair fixes, and stain and object removal is not part of my regular editing service. I am happy to do provide retouching to one or two images as a complimentary service, but beyond that, images will be outsourced to a re-touching company for an additional charge.

How/when will I receive my images?
I try to deliver completed within 2 weeks of your shoot.

What should I wear?
I get asked this question A LOT, so I’ve finally decided to make a Pinterest page with outfit inspiration for my clients. You can find it here: http://www.pinterest.com/melissarabbitt/. In a nutshell, you should certainly pick outfits and colors that are complimentary to each other, but leave the matching for Sears portraits :). In general, pastel color palettes photograph well, as well as earthy and neutral palettes. Deep, rich colors such as burgundy, plum, and mustard yellow can be beautiful for outdoor fall images. I generally encourage my clients to avoid bright, bold colors, as well as dressing too many family members in black or white. Also, layering and accessorizing can really spruce up photos!

Are you an insured business?
Yes, of course!