Tips for Taking Photos in Dark Homes

One thing that’s challenging about being a family photographer in Boston is the unpredictable weather. It’s not only tricky for outdoor shoots, but for indoor sessions as well. I’ve never actually rescheduled an indoor session due to weather, but on overcast days, it can certainly be challenging. This particular session was on a rather dreary day, which made the already dark(ish) house even darker. I didn’t panic though! I found a huge window and propped my subjects right by it. In fact, I really love the resulting look. With light shining only on the subject(s), everything else is in shadow. This removes any possible background distractions and really focuses the eye right on the family and their connection. These images are probably tied with one other session I had years ago for darkest and “moodiest.” They look so different from most of my sessions but I really love that about lifestyle photography! No two sessions look the same.

A few people who follow me on social media have already asked me about this family’s outfits. The little guy’s sweater, pants and hat came from Rylee and Cru, and mom’s gorgeous dress is from Wren and Ivory. I love helping with client wardrobe so never hesitate to text me photos and bounce ideas off of me! Clothing makes a huge difference :).

In any case, I hope you enjoy checking out this SUPER expressive (and well-dressed!)three-month-old!

black and white image of family of four standing by a window snuggling their new addition

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