A Creative Family Photo Session in Concord, MA

So I know it’s basically spring which means no one wants to think about Christmas. Howeverrrr, I never blogged this family session from this past fall. When this mom emailed me, she said she was looking for a Boston family photographer with a good sense of humor. She thought it seemed like I had one from checking out my website, ha. I’ll take that as a compliment? In any case, this was probably the most memorable session I’ve had to date, and we had so much fun frolicking around Old North Bridge in Concord, MA like a bunch of crazies ;).

family runs across Old North Bridge in Concord, MA wearing Christmas costumes

A photo from this session actually got featured on the popular photography website, Looks Like Film. If you’re looking for some good procrastination material, that site has a lot to offer hehe. Since this photo was featured on LLF, I thought that image might do well in a photo contest. I entered it in Shoot and Share’s annual competition. Results were just released last weekend, and the photo came out in the top 30% of all family photo submissions. I was actually a smidge disappointed because I think it’s pretty epic, AND unique :). At the end of the day though, all that matters is that my clients are happy. SOoo if you have an offbeat photography vision and live in the Boston area, I want to be your family photographer! You can check out other examples of my work here.

a family of 5 dressed up in Christmas costumes excitedly runs across Concord's Old North Bridge


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