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If I had to describe the first trimester with Greyson in one word, it would have been “vomit.” While I am grateful that that word doesn’t have a daily place in the pregnancy story of baby #2, I’d be a liar if I said that things have been going swimmingly. The first weeks of this pregnancy have been filled to the brim with anxiety, guilt, fatigue, nausea, and GI issues of all varieties. I never journaled or blogged during my pregnancy with Greyson, so I’ve decided to blog a few times throughout this pregnancy. Maybe someday I’ll enjoy reflecting on all the misery that comes along with growing a human?! Maybe. So for now, 4 ways this pregnancy differs from pregnancy #1!

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1. Anxiety

In the first trimester with Greyson, I’m sure I was a *little bit* anxious. I mean, every woman on the planet knows about the risk of miscarriage, especially in those first few weeks. With baby #2, however, I probably could have benefited from a sedative, or better yet, a lobotomy. Over the summer, I had a veryyyyyyyy early miscarriage (wasn’t even 6 weeks yet), and although we/I dealt with it rather well at the time, the anxiety following it was, well, impressive. I was very much a flaming hot mess for the first half of the first trimester. Even after hearing the heartbeat at my 6.5 week ultrasound, I only felt marginally less psychotic.  Things didn’t really start to improve in my poor strugglefest of a brain until maybe 9 weeks or so, when symptoms were in full force.

2. Guilt

This one was hard, too. I felt guilty about ALL THE THINGS, but mainly about my inability to be a halfway decent parent while growing another human. I felt guilty that I called out of work at least once a week in December and that Adam had to do everything around the house for over a month. He kept reminding me that he couldn’t help me take care of baby #2 in its current state, so I should just worry about him or her, and he’d take care of everything/everyone else. That helped a little, but still. Guilt.


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3. All Things GI

With Greyson, I threw up pretty intensely for maybe 2-3 weeks. It was everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. BUT, as soon as my doctor put me on medication, I got better. This time, I started popping those pills pre-emptively (with a new prescription, of course!), but they didn’t always work. Instead of getting sick everyday, I got sick a few times a week, but it lasted for a lottttt more weeks (and is still happening a little bit now). As an added bonus, the medication caused every side effect under the sun this time around (meaning I had lots of fun GI issues in addition to puking). I’ll spare you the details.

4. Weight Gain

Ugh, this one is annoying me to no end but I’m trying to let it go. With Greyson, all of the puking at least caused me to lose 5 lbs in the first trimester, ha. With baby #2, I’ve gained 12 lbs already because #toomanybagels/notenoughpuking.  My doctor wasn’t overly concerned but did tell me that as soon as I’m able to stomach things other than carbs, to do so. I have already seen my weight gain slow down now that I’m 14 weeks and am eating protein and veggies again. At least there’s that?

Below are some pictures that Adam took of me the day before my due date with Greyson. I have a feeling I’m going to look far less photo-friendly this time around.

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Melissa is a Boston maternity & newborn photographer who is currently expecting baby #2! She will be scheduling sessions until mid-June, and resuming client work in mid-August.





Oh hey! I’m Melissa, a Boston family & newborn photographer, but I like to refer to myself as a toddler-whispering, child-taming, photographic ninja.