pregnant mom wearing maroon dress holds toddler sun during golden hour snowy session

Boston Area Family Photographer | 3 Reasons to Love a Snowy Session

If you live in New England you probably think that fall is the best time for family photos. The weather’s nice (usually), the leaves are pretty, and you can use those updated photos as holiday gifts and cards. Win win. Right? Well, yes. Here’s the thing, though. If you reach out to any Boston area family photographer last minute, you’ll probably discover that they’re booked solid. What to do?! Consider a late fall/early winter session, because you might just end up with dreamy, snowy photos! Here are three reasons to love a snowy session.

1. They’re Beautiful.

Okay, duh. This seems super obvious, and you might be saying “but foliage photos are beautiful,” or “beach photos are beautiful.” All of this is true of course, but there’s something really magical and quintessentially New England about a beautiful backdrop covered in snow. AND, your photos will be a different kind of beautiful than everyone else’s because most people aren’t willing to venture in the snow for their family photo session.

pregnant mom wearing maroon dress holds toddler sun during golden hour snowy session

2. You’ll Have the Place to Yourself!

Okay, this one is HUGE for me as a family photographer in the Boston area. One thing I LOATHE is a crowded, popular photo location, and in September and October, you basically can’t find an empty place anywhere in Massachusetts for photos. Every photographer under the sun will be at every remotely well-known location, and even at the not-so-well-known locations. There’s no escaping photo-bombers and we’re all fighting for “the good spots.” At this particular location, Hartwell Tavern in Lincoln, we saw a few cross-country skiiers and snowshoers, but that was it. We essentially had it all to ourselves. Back in October when I was there for a session, there were not only other photographers, but tons and tons of tourists. It’s a great spot, but I’ll never go back in October.

family of three holds hands in the snow during their family maternity session in Boston

3. Snow+Toddlers=Great Mix

Assuming it’s not too cold, toddlers generally like being outside in the snow. This three-year-old not only loved trudging through it with his family, but the promise of being able to build a snowman at the end of our session gave us some great leverage :). He was AMAZINGLY well-behaved and happy during our session. The other awesome thing about snow for photos is that it naturally slows toddlers down. They can’t really run through it, and if it’s deep enough, they can’t walk very fast either, so it makes taking their pictures so.much.easier. I actually discovered this last winter when I desperately wanted to take an updated photo of my son and my dogs. I realized that if I just plopped my son down in the snow, he wasn’t going anywhere too fast, and voila! Adorable pictures!

mother and toddler son hold hands and walk through snow during family maternity session

So what do you think?! Would you ever consider a snowy session? If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out here.


Oh hey! I’m Melissa, a Boston family & newborn photographer, but I like to refer to myself as a toddler-whispering, child-taming, photographic ninja.