Baby Greyson’s “Hospital Session” | Boston Newborn Photography

Well folks, my very own little photo subject has finally arrived, and because he’s such a champ, I actually have time to take pictures of him, edit, and apparently blog?! (Sidenote: he’s really only a champ during the day. Nighttime is a whole different animal).

Back when I was still lugging this 9 pounder around in my belly, I had every intention of journaling once a week so that I could look back and remember all of the little ins and outs of my pregnancy. I thought I might appreciate it someday, and I also thought it might be a helpful thing to have when/if baby #2 ever comes along so I could look back and remind myself that yessss, pelvic pressure is normal, as is heartburn, and bleeding gums, and middle-of-the-night Charlie Horses (worst ever). Alas, the days came and went and I never journaled a damn thing, and now that cute little notebook I bought way back in the fall is nothing more than Greyson’s poop log. Sighhhh.

But what I WOULD have written in it is that despite the baby hiccups and kicks and hearing that heartbeat and seeing him during ultrasounds, I still wasn’t quite convinced there was a baby in me until all 21.5 inches of him was out. When I took that first pregnancy test, I was a certifiable skeptic. Those damn double lines are REALLY hard to read in the early days, so naturally, I took 5 more tests (all different brands), to confirm what I thought I was seeing. When all of them seemed to be telling me there was a bun in the oven, I still wasn’t quite a believer. I called my doctor to tell them I thought I was pregnant and asked what I was supposed to do next. I was utterly shocked to hear I didn’t even have to come in for an appointment until 10 weeks! I remember asking the receptionist if she was sureeee I didn’t need to come in to take a blood test or something, but she told me that my six pregnancy tests were probablyyyy sufficient. Who knew?!? ha.

Fast forward to May 28th, the day when I finally believed that there had in fact been a human brewing inside of me. Mr. Greyson made his appearance after about 30 hours of a very stop-and-go (but relatively seamless) labor, and I of course had my real camera with me at the hospital so I could capture those first 48 hours :).


Oh hey! I’m Melissa, a Boston family & newborn photographer, but I like to refer to myself as a toddler-whispering, child-taming, photographic ninja.