mother sits on bench with two children while toddler son walks down stairs behind them

8 Must-Do Lifestyle Newborn Poses | Boston Newborn Photographer

The other day I was perusing Instagram and decided to do a quick search of newborn photographers in my area. I typed “Boston newborn photographer” into the search bar and couldn’t believe my eyes. NOT ONE SINGLE LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER SHOWED UP. Every single post and reel was posed studio, as if that is the only way to approach newborn photography! I’m not sure if the current algorithm only processes poses and props as newborns or what, but I was astonished! So with that, I’m here today with some of my go-to lifestyle newborn photography poses for you, because lord knows you aren’t going to find any on Instagram (tisk tisk).

The “T”Shaped Sibling Shot

I find this pose a lot easier than attempting to get big sibling(s) to hold the baby. I will place baby on the bed, parallel to the head board, and get the big sibling(s) on their bellies perpendicular to baby. I ask them to kiss baby, tell them a secret, count their fingers or toes. Worst case scenario…I’ll have the parent place a little M & M or tiny treat on baby and have big brother or sister find it!

two big siblings fawn over their new baby brother on their parents' bed

Side-Laying Parent

I usually do this one with moms but you could technically do it with a dad. The most important thing is to have them support themselves on one elbow, and make sure their other hand is doing something!

mom lays on side next to baby boy on her bed and snuggles and kisses him

Chest to Chest

This is one that I tend to do more with dads because boobs (hahaha), but I have done it with moms before.

father holds baby boy chest to chest

Chest to Chest Variation

The laying down version of chest to chest is one of my absolute favorites! This dad did it without any prompting at all because he was exhausted after wrangling two toddlers for the full family photos we took prior. Ha!

father holds baby girl on his chest

Snuggle on the Bed

Most important rule here- make sure everyone is touching! Fill in those gaps! If you’re having trouble keeping a toddler with the pack, get creative. Put them on someone’s shoulders. Airplane them from one parent to another (though this can be tricky while one parent is holding a baby). Play a fun game of “look at the person who_____” and fill in the blank with things that will get toddlers laughing. My favorite is “Look at the person who is the stinkiest!” A good ol’ tickle fest might also do the trick!

family of 5 snuggles on a bed while holding their newest addition

Snuggle on the Stairs

Another way I love to get the whole family together is by having them sit on stairs, whether that be in the house or outside! Outside can of course be tricky if it’s a bright and sunny day, but in this case, the porch offered some shade so that the light was even across my subjects as they sat on the stairs.

family of 5 snuggles on stairs inside their home and then outside on their porch

The Leg Rest

Ha, this one might sound funny but that’s what I call it. I’ll have a parent bring their knees together and bend their legs while sitting on a bed or couch, and then rest baby on their thighs. The incline makes it a big hit for all babies, but especially those with reflux or tummy troubles!

Varied Solo Shots

My go-to places for baby’s solo shots are always in the crib (if there is one) and on the master bed. However, there are ways to sneak in a little more variety too. I’m a fan of using rugs as a backdrop if they provide visual interest. I also love me a good ol’ fashioned Moses basket, or if the nursery is nicely decorated, even using the changing table!

baby boy laying in moses basket

This list is certainly not exhaustive and only begins to scratch the surface of posing possibilities for in-home newborn photography. I hope it was helpful if you’ve been in search of some inspiration!


Oh hey! I’m Melissa, a Boston family & newborn photographer, but I like to refer to myself as a toddler-whispering, child-taming, photographic ninja.