toddler girl snuggles mom in her big girl bed during in-home family photo session

Boston Family Photographer | 4 Reasons to Consider an In-home Session

So you’re looking for a Boston family photographer but you’re not sure where you want to have your family photographed? These are 5 reasons to consider an indoor photography session this spring or summer:

1) Indoor sessions are far less dependent on weather! Granted, if it’s a stormy or totally overcast day, I might suggest we re-schedule since I use natural light during all of my sessions. However, the likelihood of rescheduling an indoor session due to weather is much lower.

toddler girl snuggles mom in her big girl bed during in-home family photo session

2) We don’t have to shoot in the evening before sunset. Don’t get me wrong; sunset shoots are my FAVORITE, but 7 pm isn’t ideal for a lot of kiddos. I don’t schedule any outdoor sessions during the day due to harsh midday light, but if we’re shooting in your home, we can do it at a time that is ideal for your little one(s).

father reads to daughter in armchair

3) Outfit changes! Outfit changes are quick and easy when you’re at home. PLUS, you don’t have to awkwardly change in your car, or behind a bush in the middle of a field ;). Need help with your outfits? No problem. I’ll give you a client code to my online styling service.

family of four snuggles on bed while father tosses big sister up in the air

4) You don’t have to worry about packing! We all know that getting out the door with an infant or toddler is a 50-billion-step process. You have to pack diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks, a change of clothes, and the list goes on. All of that is available to you in the comfort of your home!

3 month old boy purses his lips adorably while in mom's lap

5) Kids are just more comfortable! Simple as that! The warming up period is much shorter, and as a photographer, you’ll find yourself doing much less prompting and more observing. Win win!

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Melissa Rabbitt is a Boston family photographer who has been in business for 5+ years. She brings her elementary teaching experience to each session and loves letting kids be kids in front of the camera.


Oh hey! I’m Melissa, a Boston family & newborn photographer, but I like to refer to myself as a toddler-whispering, child-taming, photographic ninja.