40 Picture-Perfect Fatherhood Moments | Boston Lifestyle Family Photographer

Happy Father’s Day (a day or so late) to all of the dads out there! You may not know this, but you guys are kind of a hot topic of discussion in photography groups and forums ;). Usually, someone posts a question along the lines of “The dad at tonight’s session was a total curmudgeon. What could I have done to get him more involved?!” In fact, there are entire blog posts on popular photography sites about getting dads more involved. Truth be told, I haven’t really experienced this in a few years now, so if you’re a dad who has graced my camera recently, thanks for that :).

In my experience, I have found that as long as dads are allowed to snuggle and play with their kids pretty freely (and only have to smile and look at me a few times), they’re usually pretty content and happy to be involved in photo sessions. That’s the beauty of lifestyle photography! Playing is encouraged. Perfection is not.  In fact, snuggly father/child photos are often some of my absolute favorites, especially when they’re converted to black and white. Swoooon. So to honor all the dads out there who have made my job so easy, here’s a collection of some of my all-time favorite fatherhood photos (there were actually a lot more, but the blog post was getting too long!).


[pp_gallery id=”5786″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]For the full effect, view it below in video form and get those tissues ready ;).


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