new parents lay with newborn son and golden retriever on a bed

25 Precious Pup Photos | Boston Pet Photographer

The other day one of my colleagues stopped me in the hallway to tell me that all the newborn and pup photos on my Instagram made her want to have one more baby. She then (very kindly) proceeded to say, “are you like…THE Boston pet photographer?!” Ha. I chuckled, because I’m definitely not THE photographer of any particular genre, but I especially never thought of myself as a pet photographer. Rather, I fancy myself a family and newborn photographer who also happens to love dogs. As a bonus, I can occasionally get them to behave. Just call me Cesar Millan!

All joking aside, I do suppose I have found myself a lovely little niche. So many of my clients over the last year or two have had dogs (more do than don’t) and want them included in their family photos, and I just love that! Here are some of my absolute favorite pup photos that I’ve taken over the last 18 months or so. Enjoy!


Oh hey! I’m Melissa, a Boston family & newborn photographer, but I like to refer to myself as a toddler-whispering, child-taming, photographic ninja.