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Back when I was in my twenties, I always did this thing. I’d come up with an idea or product that I thought was brilliant, tell my friends about it, and think I should look into getting it patented LOL. Inevitably, I’d discover a couple weeks or months later that my “brilliant” idea already existed. Turns out, this happens to me as a photographer, too. Last year, I decided it would be super clever to wrap up my year with some client superlatives. Though I often get inspiration from other photographers, I truly had never seen anyone else do this and I thought I was a freaking genius. That was a falsehood. It had of course been done, but I only discovered that later. ANYWAY, this year I totally forgot about doing it again until I saw another Boston photographer share hers. Sooo, here we are! My 2020 client superlatives :).

Best Hair

This is a pretty common client superlative, but it usually goes to a baby. While I certainly had a couple of babies with UH-MAZING hair this year, the absolute besttttt hair goes to this dad! I sure hope baby boy inherits these locks!

[pp_gallery id=”6268″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]

Swoon-Worthy Newborn Session

There are a lot of things that make my newborn photographer heart tick. Big chunky babies. Hairy babies. Pups and babies. Dads who play guitar for their babies. But when all of these things exist in ONE NEWBORN SESSION…well, swooooon.

[pp_gallery id=”6271″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]

Favorite New Locations

While I definitely have my favorite photo locations in the Boston area, I’m always up for trying new places, too. This year, I tried out a few new ones and LOVED them. One was the Saugus Iron Works in Saugus, MA, and the other was Chiesa Farm in Lexington, MA. I hope to go back to both again in 2021!

[pp_gallery id=”6279″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]

Most Outside-the-Box Session

This one was a no-brainer! Jumping on the trampoline, a paint fight, and roasting marshmallows around the fire pit?! Yes, please! If I had done client superlatives in 2018, this family would have won the same award then, too. You might remember my Christmas costume session?!

[pp_gallery id=”6293″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]

Best Multi-Generational Image

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know how much I love including grandparents. This family has been with me since day one, and every year, nana has come to their sessions. Having recently lost my grandmother, this image warms my heart even more.

[pp_gallery id=”6296″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]

Most Participatory Pups

It’s no secret that I LOVEEE including clients’ four-legged babies in photo sessions. Every pup I photographed this year was a super star, but Oscar and Sawyer were particularly snuggly <3.

[pp_gallery id=”6301″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]

Most Surprising Skies

As a Boston photographer, I’m always hesitant to re-schedule sessions because of weather since things change pretty fast here, and often, the forecast changes for the better. In the first image, those cotton candy, pastel tones were a COMPLETE surprise after a mostly gloomy, dark session. In the second, we hiked up to the top of Peter’s Hill at the Arnold Arboretum and I was pretty stunned to see how pink it was up there!

[pp_gallery id=”6307″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]

Wonderful Windows

Ha, how’s that for a weird superlative? But really, windows are such an important part of indoor lifestyle photography, and these two windows really stuck out to me. In the first, I love that downtown Boston is visible, and in the second, the beautiful balcony outside the window adds nice visual interest.

[pp_gallery id=”6310″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]

Sweetest Siblings

It’s too hard to pick just one family for this category. There were so many sweet (and sometimes pouty!) siblings who graced my camera this year, and I loved them all. Here are three that stuck out to me <3.

[pp_gallery id=”6316″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]

Happiest Babies on the Block

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my favorite age to photograph is usually between 6 and 12 months. They’re smiley, they’re interactive, and often, they’re not yet mobile (and if they are, they’re usually not too fast). These two baby boys were the HAPPIESTTTTT kiddos ever. I don’t know what they were drinking, but I want some of it, ha.

[pp_gallery id=”6325″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]

Favorite Photobombers

When humans photobomb my sessions, I get superrrr annoyed. But when it’s a crow or a cricket? Totally cool. I think Miss A also enjoyed our uninvited cricket guest ;).

[pp_gallery id=”6333″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]

Most Emotional

I had never cried behind my lens before, at least not at a family session. It’s possible I did once or twice back when I shot weddings, but never when photographing babies and kids. That all changed at this session though. While this mama hugged her firstborn who was heading off to the Navy, she cried. Then I cried. It was such a beautiful session and I’ll never forget it.

[pp_gallery id=”6337″ style-id=”94424e84-0ab9-4e8a-abde-807331ed1ccc”]

I have several more superlatives I’d like to include (best backdrop, best dressed, and the list goes on), BUT Cooper’s going to wake from his nap soon and I’ve been trying to finish this for over a week now. Sooo I’ll have to leave it incomplete for the moment! To see a photo from each of my 2020 sessions, check out my slideshow (the CORRECT ONE, unlike the one I posted on Instagram which is missing a few, eeeek).


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Oh hey! I’m Melissa, a Boston family & newborn photographer, but I like to refer to myself as a toddler-whispering, child-taming, photographic ninja.