A $150 deposit is required to officially hold your date and time. In the event you need to reschedule, your deposit will be used toward your new session date.


I carefully edit each and every image in your final gallery. Editing includes color correction/enhancement on the overall image, exposure adjustments, sharpening, minor blemish removals, and a subtle film-like finish. Some images will also be converted to black and white.

Late Policy

I TOTALLY understand that it can be hard to be punctual with little ones! As a courtesy, please contact me as soon as you realize you may be late (even if it’ll only be 5 minutes) to let me know. Your session includes a 20-minute wait time, after which point I will likely reschedule.

Inclement Weather

I generally wait as late as possible to determine whether or not it is best to reschedule a session due to weather. Rescheduling can be challenging, so I try to avoid doing so whenever possible.

Behavior Challenges

Being a teacher, I come with a whole bag of tricks to coerce your kiddos into playing the photo game :). Should there be tears and meltdowns, I’ll likely still snag some good photos during the in-between happy moments, even if they are quick. In the event I am completely unable to capture any deliverable images, I will offer a 20-minute re-shoot free of charge, though I have only had to do this once in my three years of business.